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With strong partners in the hospitality and gastronomic industry. HG Marketing/Consulting: With the help of professional marketing coaches you will have little and big successes with your hotel and gastronomic marketing.


We are active in Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria.

Do you always carefully read texts in the internet or do you just scan through the content and decide within seconds if you want to carry on reading? If you chose the latter you definitely belong to the populace of the internet user.
You need to ask the following question:

Did you recently successfully execute any marketing activities?
Do you plan your marketing activities carefully or do decide ad hoc just to slave your conscience?
Did you ever contact your guests (Hotel or Restaurant) via mail?
Do you want to be more successful than others? If so you should read the following lines very carefully.
Marketing for the hospitality and gastronomic industry has been developed to make the general marketing ideas accessible for this specific industry. Especially in this top-selling branch it was necessary to develop new and eccentric marketing campaigns, specially designed for the target market.
Particularly medium sized companies are invited to cooperate with HG marketing since expert knowledge in the companies itself is rather small. HG Marketing will plan with your marketing strategies from the very first idea until the project is finished. We are operating independently and we are able to profit from the knowledge of experts from all industry parts. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you. We will be happy to give you a call back without any commitments for you in order to inform you about the range of our services. Choose the concept that suits your company best from a whole pool of possibilities we can offer you and profit from the success afterwards.
Use our extensive choice of seminars for your personal and professional success!
Just use the contact form, the rest will be handled by our team! Helmut Gankiewicz and the team from HG Marketing




Our services for you!

  • creating hotel- and restaurantanalysis, executing optimizing operations
  • preparation of marketing-plans, internet-marketing for hospitality and gastronomic
  • apply data files for regular guests and tighten the relation to your regular guests
  • developing bus-marketing, making acquisitions for meetings and seminars
  • supporting you in the areas advertising materials and adverstising partners
  • customer recruitment and customer loyalty programs, analysing cooperations with hotels
  • creating decisive unique selling points, designing energy optimization methods
  • cost optimization and cost reduction of hotels, restaurants and kitchens, planning common advertising and promotional measures for hotels and restaurants
  • implementation of employee training programs, staff member optimisation in terms of working time and place of work